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Magic the Gathering Deck Clinic

Below are the 17 most recent journal entries.


  2007.11.27  11.41
Combo elementals

I want advice on this deck

Ok so here is my deck idea of elementals, and the rational. I am approaching this from the pure combo aspect, rather than the beat down side. I want to combo off, at turn 4 with 2-3 nova chasers, at 11-12 each. Since this is tricky, I also want to have some survivability, so there is a large CA engine in here, with either the drifters or welks depending on my needs. Blinks and shimmers go to fuel the CA engline and shimmers go to finish off the combo.

18 mountains
3 vivid meadow
2 vivid creek
1 vivid marsh


4 flame kin harbingers
4 smoke braider
4 incandescent soul stoke
4 Nova chaser
4 mull drifter
4 Shriek Maw
4 mourn welk


4 momentary blink
4 heat shimmer



  2007.03.07  08.30
Thoughts on edits to this?

I got 1st locally with this last night. included is both the list, and what changes I am making after playing it last night.
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  2007.02.22  09.40
repost due to formating

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  2007.02.22  09.38

And here is a MBC deck I play in 1.5

<Lj-cutLands: 21 Swamps 3 Cabal coffers Creatures: 4 Nantuko Shade 2 Braids, Cabal Minion Spells: 3 Innocent Blood 4 Sinkhole 3 Chainer’s Edict 2 Phyrexian Arena 4 Mutilate 4 Diabolic Tutor 4 Corrupt 3 Promise of Power 1 Decree of Pain Artifacts 1 Nightmare lash 1 Mirari


  2007.02.22  09.27

ok, I have a couple of decks I am looking for sidebar advice on, and general tweeking ect.

this is a variation on goblins, using the many tim's that gobs have for baord control

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  2007.02.21  14.51

Does anyone here still play variants of Mono-black control.

I used to play MBC and am wondering what current cards would lead to for deck construction.


  2006.01.08  13.44

This is a deck I've been working on for T2 since I saw Savra, Queen of the Golgari. Thoughts?

//NAME: SacLunch
7 Forest
4 Swamp
2 Island
4 Overgrown Tomb
2 Watery Grave
1 Golgari Rot Farm

4 Nantuko Husk
4 Orochi Leafcaller
4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
2 Dripping-Tongue Zubera
2 Floating-Dream Zubera
2 Ashen-Skin Zubera
3 Shambling Shell
2 Woebringer Demon
2 Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro
2 Savra, Queen of the Golgari
3 Golgari Germination

3 Scatter the Seeds
3 Telling Time
2 Grave Pact
2 Death Denied
The idea is to have them lose all their creatures through Grave Pact and Savra, pump Nantuko Husk, and beat for the win. Woebringer Demon is there for some fun little control. The Zubera work well with the cards, and Telling Time is thrown in for some deck manipulation.


  2005.11.28  13.18
Looking for cards to Sell/Trade

First of all I have a large box of around 4000-5000 cards looking to get rid of. Various cards from 5th edition to CoK. Im not sure of all whats in there but I know there are no lands included, unless you want some with it.

Second if anyone is willing to trade cards I have plenty of cards to trade from rare dragons to sliver queens to cranial extractions. If anyone is interested in hearing more information email Loki9226@yahoo.com.


  2005.08.08  11.02

The next build is a Tooth and Nail build that is fairly run of the mill, with a few exceptions. Here's the list.

no nonsense toothCollapse )

This Tooth and Nail build is probably something that most other Tooth players would scoff at, as it appears to be a bit tame in comparison to the regular Tooth and Nail net deck. What I'm talking about is that this version of Tooth does not run mindslaver or oblivion stone, two cards that seem to regularly take up 6 slots main deck. I think the difference is that I just run more land search, and possibly two more Tooth targets than most. I enjoy the increased amount of search over oblivion stone and mindslaver because it allows me to better manipulate my deck using sensei's divining top to find the last Uza's land or the Tooth card I need.

I need to make this deck legal for when 9th edition rotates in on the 20th of august, and that means that I need to replace the 2 birds of paradise, the 3 vine trellis, and the 3 plow unders. The deck already has problems dealing with fast white weenie decks, so the loss of vine trellis is rough. Losing the plow unders is also going to be hard to deal with, as they often acted almost like I cast time stretch. I also need to create a sideboard for this deck. So far, I'm thinking about running jester's cap in the sideboard and using it instead of cranial extractions for two reasons: 1) I won't have to splash for another color, and 2) I don't own any $20 cranial extractions, and am unwilling to drop that kind of money right now. Hit me up with your thoughts!

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  2005.08.08  09.40

I'm headed back to college in a couple of weeks, and since I don't want to bring 10+ boxes of cards with me, I'm trying to make decks for a variety of formats. This first deck is wonderful for 1vs1 games, and is legal in vintage and tribal. The problem is that I really want to see if there is an easy way to make this deck thrive in multiplayer as well.

elvish engineCollapse )


The idea behind the deck is to drop a wirewood hivemaster and lots of elves. The insect tokens created by the hivemaster are skullclamp targets. Concordant crossroads is what keeps this deck going essentially, as once you have a few insect tokens, you are able to draw a ton of cards to find the master mana producer, priest of titania. The deck also packs a ton of ways to untap the priest, 11 in all. Four seeker of skybreak, four quirion ranger, and three wirewood symbiote allow you to produce amounts of mana that are pretty impressive. Once it starts clamping, it seems to just pick up speed until it culminates in an insane insect/elf attack for 100+ damage.

 I have been pretty lucky with my draws and I mlligan aggressively to get a skullclamp card, but I guess a problem that I see in my own deck is that is just seems to fall apart if I don't get out a skullclamp. I also think that I might be a bit mana heavy for a deck where the average casting cost is probably in between 1 and 2. Your thoughts?

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  2005.08.03  18.16
my monoblack control deck!

This is my favorite deck to use in multi-player, because it has a lot of cards in it that plainly say "stay away!" It is mostly defensive, killing off any opposing creatures that threaten me, stealing life from creatures and players to keep myself alive, and gaining massive card advantage through Well of Lost Dreams.

3 everglades
19 swamp

1 Kuro, Pitlord
3 myr retriever
4 bottle gnomes
2 triskilion
3 Leaden Myr
1 Bane of the Living

3 dark banishing
2 death stroke
2 sickening shoal
1 barter in blood
2 Snuff Out
3 spinning darkness
3 dark ritual
2 rend flesh
2 lose hope
1 viscious hunger
2 consume spirit
1 night's whisper

Other Stuff
1 lethal vapors
2 skeleton shard
2 skullclamp
2 subversion
2 loxodon warhammer
2 talisman of dominance
2 well of lost dreams
1 strands of night
1 library of leng
2 sadistic glee

some other notes about the deck: well of lost dreams+ subversion, spinning darkness, bottle gnomes = massive card advantage. 2 myr retrievers + skull clamp = massive card advantage. bottle gnomes + skullclamp = stay away! Triskilion + sadistic glee = goblin sharpshooter! bane of the living + lethal vapors + subversion = soft lock. bottle gnomes + loxodon war hammer + well of lost dreams = stay away!

As you can see, I like synergy!


  2005.07.12  14.55

This is my most wierd, fun, strange, pitiful, and favorite deck, my spellweaver helix deck! I am not trying to make it tournement worthy or anything, just trying to make it not die to creature decks too fast, without changing the core: use spellweaver helix + little sorcery + big sorcery = die!! I have lots of mana acceleration in case I have to cast a big sorcery to get it in the graveyard, and to cast lots of card drawing spells and franticly dig for a big sorcery or a helix. without further ado, my deck
deckCollapse )
That's it. Please excuse all the "1 of"s all I can say is that if there is only one copy, it is either not special, or a key card that is hard to get more of.
My favorite combos:
any cheap sorcery + Helix + Promise of Power
" + helix + Death Mutation
" + helix + searing flesh
"+ helix + Volley of Boulders
Panoptic mirror + Stream of consiousness
Panoptic mirror + temporal cascade
Panoptic mirror + sift

land + 3 dawn's reflection + Petals of Insight + Psychic puppetry + infinite mana!
first: you have a land, that is capable of producing 7 mana with a single tap
Next, play petals of insight with your super-land, splicing the puppetry on to it, for a total of six mana, one mana floating
use the petals to put the three cards on the bottom of your library, and return the petals to your hand. use the puppetry effect to untap your super-land. you are now back where you started, with one mana floating.
you can just cycle through you library X times, and end the combo by putting three cards into your hand. one of them should be Staff of dominiation!

For extra pain, you could imprint another copy of Petals of insight onto a helix, with whatever spell you want infinite copies of (promise of power!!!!) because when you infinitely re-cast petals, you can generate infinite copies any sorcery!
The combo doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is such a great feeling!

I am open to any suggestions.

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  2005.06.28  22.45

This is my mono-red Goblin deck. It is type 2 legal and I would like to start testing it out on competition at local tourneys, but I would like some input on what might need tweaking. Also, please feel free to let me know what other decks are popular at tournaments currently. I have just recently started to play again, and it would be helpful to know what others are playing.

mono-red Goblin

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  2005.06.19  23.20

Okay, here is my newest deck. It's strictly a casual deck, and also a budget deck. I'd like to keep it as Kamigawa-block as possible, mostly for synergy with the spiritcraft cards (and also because a bulk of my blue cards are Kamigawa block)

Sleep DungeonCollapse )

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  2005.03.22  23.53
bringing it back, old school style.

1x Verdant Force
1x Masticore
2x nemata, grove gaurdian
4x deranged hermit
4x plow under
3x Quirion Ranger
3x Skyshroud Poacher
4x natural order
2x Rofellos, Llanowar emissary
4x elvish lyrist
3x elvish champion
3x priest of titania
4x Fyndhorn Elves
4x llanowar elves
1x Vitalizing wind
2x Gaea's Cradle
4x dust bowl
12x forest

i have no cards from after what ever the lastest set represented here is.
i think i stopped somemetime around torment.


  2004.10.23  20.10
Anyone wanna check the deck?

Deck is in here.Collapse )

I just finished tinkering with it, and I'd like to know what you think. Keep in mind that this is my first split deck, and I just started playing a few weeks ago. ^^; Thanks!

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  2004.10.17  14.15
Something I've been tinkering with:

I've been a loyal blue mage for years, but then locking down my opponents with Somnophore and decking them with Millstone got boring. The following is my attempt at making a fast red deck. It seems to work pretty well, but at times I confess I do run out of sacrificial permanents for fireblast, reckless abandon, and goblin grenade. It is pretty funny after playing blue for so many years to see someone take over 15 points of damage on turn 3.Read more...Collapse )

Tell me if there are any major errors or if there are any creatures I should throw in. By the way, I don't often build decks for tournys, I just play casual when I can.

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