Ashes In The Grain (trywhy) wrote in deckclinic,
Ashes In The Grain

bringing it back, old school style.

1x Verdant Force
1x Masticore
2x nemata, grove gaurdian
4x deranged hermit
4x plow under
3x Quirion Ranger
3x Skyshroud Poacher
4x natural order
2x Rofellos, Llanowar emissary
4x elvish lyrist
3x elvish champion
3x priest of titania
4x Fyndhorn Elves
4x llanowar elves
1x Vitalizing wind
2x Gaea's Cradle
4x dust bowl
12x forest

i have no cards from after what ever the lastest set represented here is.
i think i stopped somemetime around torment.
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