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This is my most wierd, fun, strange, pitiful, and favorite deck, my spellweaver helix deck! I am not trying to make it tournement worthy or anything, just trying to make it not die to creature decks too fast, without changing the core: use spellweaver helix + little sorcery + big sorcery = die!! I have lots of mana acceleration in case I have to cast a big sorcery to get it in the graveyard, and to cast lots of card drawing spells and franticly dig for a big sorcery or a helix. without further ado, my deck

8 forest
9 island
7 mountain

2 Sage Aven
1 Decendant of Soramaro
2 Spire Owl
1 Raven Familliar
1 Vedalken mastermind

4 spellweaver helix
1 Panoptic Mirror
1 Staff of Domination
1 darksteel ingot
1 darksteel pendant
1 gilded lotus
1 pentad prisim

Everything else:
3 Serum Visions
2 Petals of Insight
2 Psychic Puppetry
1 Stream of consiousness
2 Harrow
1 Volley of Boulders
2 Volcanic Hammer
4 Tribal Flames
4 Dawn's Reflection
4 Slight of hand
2 Sift
1 careful study
1 searing flesh
1 Temporal cascade
1 veiled sentry
2 quicksilver dagger
1 death mutation
1 promise of power

That's it. Please excuse all the "1 of"s all I can say is that if there is only one copy, it is either not special, or a key card that is hard to get more of.
My favorite combos:
any cheap sorcery + Helix + Promise of Power
" + helix + Death Mutation
" + helix + searing flesh
"+ helix + Volley of Boulders
Panoptic mirror + Stream of consiousness
Panoptic mirror + temporal cascade
Panoptic mirror + sift

land + 3 dawn's reflection + Petals of Insight + Psychic puppetry + infinite mana!
first: you have a land, that is capable of producing 7 mana with a single tap
Next, play petals of insight with your super-land, splicing the puppetry on to it, for a total of six mana, one mana floating
use the petals to put the three cards on the bottom of your library, and return the petals to your hand. use the puppetry effect to untap your super-land. you are now back where you started, with one mana floating.
you can just cycle through you library X times, and end the combo by putting three cards into your hand. one of them should be Staff of dominiation!

For extra pain, you could imprint another copy of Petals of insight onto a helix, with whatever spell you want infinite copies of (promise of power!!!!) because when you infinitely re-cast petals, you can generate infinite copies any sorcery!
The combo doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is such a great feeling!

I am open to any suggestions.
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