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I'm headed back to college in a couple of weeks, and since I don't want to bring 10+ boxes of cards with me, I'm trying to make decks for a variety of formats. This first deck is wonderful for 1vs1 games, and is legal in vintage and tribal. The problem is that I really want to see if there is an easy way to make this deck thrive in multiplayer as well.

14 x forest
1 x chrome mox
2 x elvish spirit guide
1 x lotus petal
4 x land grant
1 x gaea’s cradle
2 x concordant crossroads
1 x overrun
4 x skullclamp
4 x  fyndhorn elves
4 x llanowar elves
4 x priest of titania
4 x quirion ranger
4 x seeker of skybreak
3 x wirewood herald
4 x wirewood hivemaster
3 x wirewood symbiote


The idea behind the deck is to drop a wirewood hivemaster and lots of elves. The insect tokens created by the hivemaster are skullclamp targets. Concordant crossroads is what keeps this deck going essentially, as once you have a few insect tokens, you are able to draw a ton of cards to find the master mana producer, priest of titania. The deck also packs a ton of ways to untap the priest, 11 in all. Four seeker of skybreak, four quirion ranger, and three wirewood symbiote allow you to produce amounts of mana that are pretty impressive. Once it starts clamping, it seems to just pick up speed until it culminates in an insane insect/elf attack for 100+ damage.

 I have been pretty lucky with my draws and I mlligan aggressively to get a skullclamp card, but I guess a problem that I see in my own deck is that is just seems to fall apart if I don't get out a skullclamp. I also think that I might be a bit mana heavy for a deck where the average casting cost is probably in between 1 and 2. Your thoughts?

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