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The next build is a Tooth and Nail build that is fairly run of the mill, with a few exceptions. Here's the list.

TOOTH AND NAIL  60 cards (needs to be revised to be legal in standard post 9th)
12 x forest
4 x urza’s tower
4 x urza’s mine
3 x urza’s plant
4 x sylvan scrying
4 x reap and sow
4 x sakura-tribe elder
3 x vine trellis
2 x birds of paradise
4 x sensei’s divining top
3 x eternal witness
3 x plow under
4 x tooth and nail
1 x triskelion
1 x kiki-jiki, mirror breaker
1 x platinum angel
1 x mephidross vampire
1 x duplicant
1 x sundering titan

This Tooth and Nail build is probably something that most other Tooth players would scoff at, as it appears to be a bit tame in comparison to the regular Tooth and Nail net deck. What I'm talking about is that this version of Tooth does not run mindslaver or oblivion stone, two cards that seem to regularly take up 6 slots main deck. I think the difference is that I just run more land search, and possibly two more Tooth targets than most. I enjoy the increased amount of search over oblivion stone and mindslaver because it allows me to better manipulate my deck using sensei's divining top to find the last Uza's land or the Tooth card I need.

I need to make this deck legal for when 9th edition rotates in on the 20th of august, and that means that I need to replace the 2 birds of paradise, the 3 vine trellis, and the 3 plow unders. The deck already has problems dealing with fast white weenie decks, so the loss of vine trellis is rough. Losing the plow unders is also going to be hard to deal with, as they often acted almost like I cast time stretch. I also need to create a sideboard for this deck. So far, I'm thinking about running jester's cap in the sideboard and using it instead of cranial extractions for two reasons: 1) I won't have to splash for another color, and 2) I don't own any $20 cranial extractions, and am unwilling to drop that kind of money right now. Hit me up with your thoughts!

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