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Something I've been tinkering with:

I've been a loyal blue mage for years, but then locking down my opponents with Somnophore and decking them with Millstone got boring. The following is my attempt at making a fast red deck. It seems to work pretty well, but at times I confess I do run out of sacrificial permanents for fireblast, reckless abandon, and goblin grenade. It is pretty funny after playing blue for so many years to see someone take over 15 points of damage on turn 3.

4 x Raging Goblin

4 x Orcish Artillery

4 x Mogg Fanatic

1 x Orcish Librarian

2 x Goblin Patrol

3 x Goblin Infantry

1 x Siege-Gang Commander

4 x Incinerate

4 x Lightning Bolt

4 x Fireblast

2 x Reckless Abandon

4 x Goblin Grenade

2 x Last Chance

21 x Mountain

Tell me if there are any major errors or if there are any creatures I should throw in. By the way, I don't often build decks for tournys, I just play casual when I can.

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