Magic the Gathering Deck Clinic

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Welcome to the Livejournal Magic: The Gathering deck clinic!

Hi LJ kiddos, welcome to the deck clinic! I've been playing Magic off and on for about seven years now, and have recently picked up on the "on" phase after a few years absence. Obviously, since I left, things have changed, a lot. And there aren't really any resources for anyone who understands the rules, but just isn't that down with all the good combos and cards and other flotsam in the different sets. Most message boards that I have seen are more oriented towards those who know a whole lot more about the game then we, the middle men and woman, do. Hence, I created this community as a way for people like us to talk about the game, different cards, combos, decks, and theories, and get validation and support from any benevolent vets and pros out there who may stumble upon this community. The second purpose of this community is to serve as it's namesake; a deck clinic where people can submit their decks for some critique and suggestions. Hopefully, fulfilling both functions won't be too hard.

There aren't any rules, really. Just don't be a dick and troll around, or you'll face the wrath of the moderator's boot. The point of this community is for people to have fun, help one another out, offer each other constructive criticism, and be able to enjoy themselves in a generally chill environment.